1397 north highland avenue atlanta, georgia 30306 | 404.347.9747

Welcome to Rosebud. We are a neighborhood restaurant located in Morningside, just outside of Virginia-Highlands, focusing on good food, kind flavors and lots of atmosphere. Serving brunch on Fridays, dinner Monday through Friday and weekend brunch, we are proud to offer a menu featuring local and regional ingredients because we believe in supporting our neighbors. At Rosebud, we like comfortable food, loud music and a good drink. Join us.

“The restaurant has become a haven for the surrounding neighborhood, and Eyester’s clever personality, buoyant and gregarious, is a bolster to the entire community. He is like a happy Falstaff without the deceit. And like Falstaff, he is clever, a businessman as much as chef. Some of the restaurant’s promotions – particularly the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia musically inspired dinners – are pure genius, and have become a thing of legend. In fact, I don’t know of any restaurant, save Abattoir, that so truly emanates its owner.” -Meridith Ford