Our Farmers

farmer2Woodland Gardens: Woodland Gardens is a certified organic market garden in Winterville, Georgia. They attend the Morningside Farmers Market every Saturday morning, and you’ll often see Celia (the farm manager) sitting at the bar for a late brunch after the Market. We get almost all our arugula and lettuces from Woodland Gardens. Located in Winterville, GA

Split Cedar Farm: Split Cedar Farm is a family-owned and operated farm just southeast of the Atlanta perimeter in Henry County, Georgia. You’ll find Neil’s amazing blueberry cider as a base for several of our creative cocktails and his fresh tomato juice is the star of our signature Bloody Marys. Every now and then you’ll find Neil and Ron arguing in the kitchen about who indeed works harder. Located in Ellenwood, GA

Moore Farms: Moore Farms offers fresh local, regional and organic foods through an inventive CSA program. We love the Blackjack tomatoes and strawberries that Will and Laurie supply us, and you’ll often find them sitting down for brunch with Celia after Saturday market. Located in Woodland, AL

Riverview Farms: Riverview Farms is a certified organic family farm on 200 acres in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachians in Northwest Georgia. You’ll find Riverview Farms products throughout our menu including our grits, breakfast sausage and pork shoulder for our ravioli. Aside, from a love of fresh produce, Wes and Ron share a common love of The Grateful Dead. Located in Ranger, GA

Sparkman Dairy: Since 1967, Sparkman’s family-owned, all natural dairy has maintained artificial hormone free, all-jersey cows. We currently use Sparkman’s buttermilk for our fried chicken and look forward to getting their ice cream onto the dessert menu soon. Located in Moultrie, GA

D & A Farms: D & A Farms is a first generation small family farm operated primarily by Dave, Alan, and Amy Bentoski. D&A’s fresh chickens are the star of our Tuesday night roast chicken blue plate special. We also use their amazing chicken livers for our chicken liver ravioli appetizer. Located in Zebulon, GA

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